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SaaS B2B Scale Up Specialists

Enabling scalability and fast growth to SaaS B2B companies

We help investors in SaaS B2B companies 

At quantar we partner with VCs, CVCs, PE firms and other investors in SaaS B2B companies to help them scale-up their investments, score readiness for fast growth and co-invest

Scale-up Programme

Refer us to deploy our scale up programme at your SaaS B2B portfolio companies which are post- PMF stage, and need to implement changes in their operating model to move on to a fast growth scale up stage.


Projects can take from 2 to 6 months, depending on readiness. See more

Pre-investment Readiness & DD

A short engagement where we perform interviews and data analysis for a deep dive into processes, skills and mindset of the team (founders and C-Level), to score scalability of target company, and identification of strengths, gaps and areas of concern.


Sweet spot is > $300k ARR and + 5 clients.

Co-Investment Opportunities

quantar offers to share with VCs co-investment opportunities in companies enrolled in our Scale Up Programme. We invest in situations where our deep engagement with the company enhances its growth trajectory. Our network of Limited Partners includes experienced SaaS B2B founders who contribute invaluable insights and connections.

Our investment approach is flexible, participating in post PMF stages.

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