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Jorge Hansen SaaS  b2b founder and investor baxon

Jorge Hansen

Managing Director

Jorge is a serial entrepreneur. His last startup, Baxon Solutions, a SaaS B2B Enterprise for the Private Equity industry started from bootstrapping an MVP, Scaling up and to exiting.


Jorge led the company to expand operations from London to the US and SE Asia. Achieved 12x ARR growth post-PMF in 5 years, the platform managed +$ 250 Bn in AUM becoming the leading portoflio management and valuation SaaS for the global Private Equity industry when it was bought by a strategic player and two large US PE firms. 

Jorge is a passionate entrepreneur, obsessed with fast execution. Jorge brings +20 years of entrepreneurship and managerial experience and successful internationalization and investing in private capital.

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Gustavo Casaforte

Peer Advisory & Investment Board

Gustavo is the Co-Founder and CEO of WIDERGY ( The company provides a suite of SaaS products to utilities. Widergy mission is to enable utilities around the globe to embrace the challenges and opportunities of digitalization and adaptation to industry changes and business models. 

Before founding Widergy, Gustavo spent 15 years at Accenture, where he became a partner. During his tenure he led large projects of technology transformation and digitalization in the utilities industry. During his career as executive and founder, Gustavo has built, motivated, and managed high-performing teams.


Gustavo is a system engineer, with a blend of technical expertise and strong management and entrepreneurial and skills.

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Juan Onetto fundador SaaS Coldply

Juan Onetto

Operating team

Juan is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in product creation and technology. As the CEO and co-founder of Colppy, he spearheaded the company's mission to streamline processes for SMBs and startups through a SaaS B2B platform. The company achieved a successful exit to a private equity group.

Juan's passion extends to managing the product design lifecycle. He led a diverse team of over 100 professionals, driving innovation with more than +20.000 customers and +20 m ARR across Latin America.

With +20 years of managerial expertise, Juan combines a deep understanding of product definition and a solid technical foundation. His unique blend of skills and experience makes him an invaluable asset to the quantar scale-up program.

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Paula España Meradi

Investment team

Seasoned serial entrepreneur and co-founder of a prominent SaaS B2B company. In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, she serves as an International Dealmaker for the Global Entrepreneur Programme within the UK Department for Business and Trade.

Paula is a multifaceted professional, engaging in roles such as mentorship, angel investing, and venture capital activities. Her expertise lies in sustainable innovation, and internationalization initiatives. Paula has played a pivotal role in securing funding for various companies by leveraging her extensive network and trusted relationships within the private capital community.


Paula is involved in sustainability efforts, as being at the board of the Sustainability Council of Arcos Dorados. She is also an ESG mentor at the Oxford Entrepreneurship Centre at the University of Oxford.

Paula's is a Women of the Future Board Member and a Board member of the Compromiso Foundation, demonstrating her dedication to supporting emerging entrepreneurs and sustainable initiatives.

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Lucas Gorganchian

Peer Advisory & Investment Board

Lucas is the Co-Founder and CEO of PRISMA ( where he provides software solutions to big Retail and FMCG companies around the world to improve their pricing, assortment and exhibition decisions based on data, with direct impact on margin optimization and operational efficiency.


Lucas is a serial tech entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing software Solutions in the Retail, FMCG, Energy and Services sector. His first software company, which he founded at the age of 22, was implemented in companies such as ExxonMobil, , Philips, WorldBank and Greenpeace. 


Lucas  holds an MBA from MIT with specialization in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Global Leadership.

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