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Design Studio

SaaS B2B Scale Up Specialists

Enabling scalability and fast growth to SaaS B2B companies

We are founders with successful journeys of scaling up SaaS B2B companies 

We enable scale up through the implementation of hands on advice and investment in your company


Scale Up Programme

We help SaaS B2B companies cross the chasm from Product Market Fit to Scale Up, the second valley of death.

The goal is to help our partner companies achieve a 10x -15x ARR in 5 years.

Our team becomes and extension of your team providing experience, frameworks, material, and execution muscle.

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Investment Programme


We invest in the companies that enroll in our scale up programme.

Our tickets go from $100k to +$1m in companies that run ARRs of $ 300k to $ 4m.

Many of our investors are peer SaaS B2B founders, and besides an investment they provide feedback, insights and network.

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quantar scale up programme


Successful SaaS B2B startups that have advanced past the Product-Market Fit stage (with a significant number of paying clients actively using the platform) often encounter a critical phase known as the second chasm or the "death valley." This is where approximately 30% to 50% of companies falter. To navigate through the Scale-Up stage successfully, these companies must evolve their mindset, strategies, processes, teams, and product offerings. This stage is often referred to as the "grow fast or die slowly" phase.

We specialize in providing an interim scale-up team equipped with frameworks, resources, implementation strategies, and guidance to help companies traverse this challenging phase. Our primary focus is on SaaS B2B companies with ARRs ranging from $300k to $3-5m.

Our services range from evaluating alignment with the company's leadership and participation in recruitment processes to establishing key performance indicators, targets based on industry benchmarks, compensation structures, market and product research, implementation of key processes, feedback analysis, and business planning and fundrasing.

Our approach is customized to address the gaps identified at the onset. Working with your team, we aim to drive significant outcomes within 1 to 4 months, as agreed upon at the project outset.

Our ultimate objective is to support partner companies in achieving a substantial 10-15x ARR growth within a 5-year timeline. Leveraging our firsthand experience as founders, we are committed to helping companies attain their scaling goals effectively.

Assess Readiness & Benchmarking

  • Available Online

    Learn more about how we can help you execute a scale up plan for your ...

    30 min

You can take our online Introduction call where we will assess your company's Scale Up Readiness Scoring. You will get a performance benchmarking report with also include strengths and gaps to be ready for kicking off an aggressive growth path.

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During the brief conversation you will also learn more about how the implementation of the scale-up programme would look for your company.

quantar investment programme


We want to back the companies we help to scale up.  We want to partner with the teams we help to grow fast, and that is why we set up an investment programme. 


Our LPs (limited partners) are mainly SaaS B2B founders or are part of the ecosystem.  They invest in companies where we get to know deeply and help to grow. Our partner companies also benefit from their experience and network.


Our tickets can go from $ 100k to +$ 1m. We invest mainly in post-seed, bridge or pre-series A in companies running on $ 0.3 m to $ 4 m ARR.

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